Easy To Do Hairstyles for School Girls

It is common problem with the mother to make the decent but simple and easy hairstyles for school girls. You can make the side ponytail by brushing the hair on one side below the ears and secure them by binding with hair pin or rubber band. The girls can make the ponytail at the back of the head at the low, medium or high height of head. You can also make the slight twist in the hair by taking a small strand of hair, which will give gorgeous look to your hair. The messy bun is easy hairstyle for school girls and it can be made in three different ways. The girls can use the clip in the hair to make simple bun of hair. If the girls want to make the half ponytail, then they should separate the hair in two layers. First brush the top layer then in the bottom layer and let rest of the hair go down.

The plait is another easy and decent hairstyle, which can be started from the center part or the side part of the hair. While starting this hairstyle, you can divide the hair into two sections. Then make the braid of one section and use elastic to settle the hair. Quiff is easy hairstyle for school girls, which can be made in shape of bun or ponytail. Brush the fringe and create twist in it and add clip at the back of the fringe. Then push the fringe on the front side for making quaff. Layered pony tail is another simple and easy hairstyle for school girls. Divide the hair in the horizontal shape in four equal sections. Make two ponytails and tie them with each other. Then repeat the process with other two portions of hair to make the layered ponytails.

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